Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is an app that was dedicated to helping sugar babies find sugar daddies. However, a lot went wrong in the process of helping these individuals due to poor site maintenance and bad business management. They are also being investigated by law enforcement, causing Apple to remove their app from the App Store. The company also had to temporary shut down their website. Learning the reasons why the app shut down is one way to find out more about why you should always choose a reputable dating website or app to use.

The Shut Down of the Seeking Arrangement App

Having to close because of possible prostitution and the claims of many women stating that they were being auctioned off, as well as harmed during dates caused the company to shut their doors. Of course, they didn’t stop operating. They opened a new website aimed at providing the same types of services. Here is a break down of some of the happenings that went on with the Seeking Arrangement app and why it can no longer be downloaded to your smartphone because it is not just one thing, it is multiple things that came together to shut it down ultimately.

  1. FOSTA-SESTA – This is a new bill that was introduced in 2018 to protect those that are sex trafficked and up for sale. Any website that has been deemed providing prostitution can be shut down due to having this type of material. Seeking Arrangement had too many allegations against them. 
  2. The dating was not safe – The website did not do anything to protect the information of those using the website, nor did it do anything to let others know who was safe and who was not. While this is not necessarily the website’s job, it is important that the people using it can feel comfortable using it. The Seeking Arrangement app didn’t provide this comfort.
  3. The sale of virginity – This was one of the biggest red flags that the company had put up. With numerous women, hundreds of women, offering their virginity for sale, to the highest bidder, the website was thought to be a prostitution website where these women were giving up sex, a special type of sex, for an amount of money, which is illegal. The problem is, the website owner did nothing to prevent this from happening.

Those that want to use the website, or the Seeking Arrangement app are no longer able to do so because it was taken down. Due to the high volume of complaints and issues that the website was having, this led them to remove the app entirely. They have since rebranded, but the ethics of the website, app and company still remain a question. Those that want to have these types of arrangements are strongly encouraged to use safe websites like Sudy that provide safeguards for the well-being of everyone using the website and app. It is the only way to know that you are actually working with a reputable website and company that cares about the people using their service.


SeekingArrangement is Removed from China’s App Store