Seeking Arrangements is a popular sites for sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet. It also is notorious for being a prostitution and sex trafficking ring. This article documents the horrors and dangers of this site and the women who brave the risks to find a sugar daddy.

The article does not make Seeking Arrangements seem like such a good place for someone looking for companionship, but it is extremely helpful in understanding what happens on this site and how it can affect your life if you do decide to sign up for an account on Seeking Arrangement’s website. It will help you understand coercion and sex trafficking, which are injustices that need addressing and awareness of. ” Seeking Arrangement is a website that connects “sugar daddies”, wealthy older men, with “sugar babies”, college women and women in their early 20’s who want a relationship based on money. Women on the site have reported being sexually assaulted, raped or coerced into having sex for money after meeting someone from the site.”

There is a lot of controversy surrounding Seeking Arrangement’s actions in this regard. The website claims to be a bastion of safe dating and meeting between two consenting adults who are both looking for what the other has to offer. However, there are plenty of cases where people believe that Seeking Arrangements does not do enough to protect their users. Seeking Arrangement has claimed that they are not responsible for the actions of their users.

They claim to be primarily a dating site where their users can share with one another what they are looking for, and then arrange to meet up. They do not provide any of the services requested by the user or help facilitate their rendezvous. However, it is clear that Seeking Arrangements does reach out to some of their very active users to see if they would like assistance in finding companionship. Here’s how Seeking Arrangement’s website describes their escort protection policy: “Our company provides escorts with a user name, photo, location and phone number on profiles that have been verified by our team. We are not involved in the meeting between our members. However, if you feel that you were the victim of a crime or suspect any illegal activity, please contact your local law enforcement agency.”

Seeking Arrangement’s escorts protection policy seems to be in line with what its users expect. It is in their TOS that they are just a website where people can post what they are looking for and then move forward on finding someone who meets their needs. The question really comes down to whether or not Seeking Arrangements escorts protection policy is good enough for someone who is seeking companionship on their website.

Are women safe on Seeking Arrangements? It seems that there is no way to know for sure what is going on on this site. Many users rate the safety of their encounters on Seeking Arrangement and give it a positive review. However, this does not mean that all women who use the site and encounter hardships while using their accounts are lying or exaggerating their stories. A large number of women share horror stories that include coercion into prostitution and rape, but all of these stories can be true even if they might be difficult for one woman to believe. ” On the website, many women rate their encounters on a 5 or 4-star scale; yet others do not.

I would recommend you avoid this site like the plague.