The website Seeking Arrangements is well known for prostitution and other scandals. However, this is not the only reason as to why you should avoid such websites. There are also many other reasons as to why you should not use such a platform.

The Seeking Arrangements website is where men and women set up dating contracts or find someone who will provide them with companionship for payment. Due to the nature of the website and the services it provides, there have been many incidents where people have been blackmailed and extorted which has led to people interacting on this site being at a high risk for sexual assaults.

In addition, most of the people on this site are from wealthy backgrounds which leaves those from less fortunate environments feeling inferior due to their economic status or even their race. Dating on this website does not benefit the people on this site.

Instead, it creates a competitive environment where people are competing to get the best deal or the most attractive individual. This leads to an unhealthy dating environment that benefits no one but the individuals running this website. It is also dangerous because people do not feel safe knowing that their personal details are available for purchase, which is why you should avoid this site.

The site is also concerning to people’s safety. Many people have had their details and pictures sold to pimps and other individuals who pay for such information.

If you are looking for companionship, then this is not the website to be using anyway because most of the personals posted by men on this site are fake profiles created by men who want nothing more than money from desperate women. The website tends to attract lonely, wealthy women who easily fall prey to these false profiles because they do not believe there are any good men left. If you are looking for companionship, then you should try traditional dating. This is especially true if you are not interested in long-term commitments because this is something that cannot be found on the Seeking Arrangements website anyway.

On other dating sites, people can actually find other individuals who can be their partners and it does not boil down to just financial arrangements. If you do not believe this, then just ask other people who have used these sites and they will tell you how it works for them. Besides, traditional dating sites do not require you to spend money on subscription fees as well as other hidden fees such as those charged by the Seeking Arrangements website which could cost up to $4000 per month.