Seeking Arrangements is basically a prostitution site.

Seeking Arrangements is a website that aims to connect women with men willing to pay them for companionship. In exchange for money, the site’s female members will provide “dates” to these men, which can include anything from dating and travel companionship, social events and parties, fine dining, just being someone’s friend or emotional support system – according to the website’s “Terms of Use”.

And while a lot of people might be quick to dismiss this as a harmless or acceptable alternative to online dating – it actually has more in common with prostitution than you might think. Seeking Arrangements is essentially turning women into prostitutes.

Just like when pimps use the internet to sell the bodies of women for sex, Seeking Arrangement’s website serves as a platform to sell companionship.

Pimps are using the internet to prostitute women all over the world. But I feel that this website could just be an easier way for pimps to get women into prostitution without being directly involved themselves. And I think it’s disgusting that Seeking Arrangements even exists…

What’s really crazy about this whole thing is that Seeking Arrangements portrays itself as a dating website, when in reality it has more in common with a prostitute registry. There are even pictures of couples together on the site, and when you click on the pictures it directs you to their “personal” profiles in order to “see who they want in their lives.”

And then in each profile section there is a section for “About,” where you can find out more about what they’re looking for in a relationship. Many people might be fine with meeting up with random strangers, but I personally wouldn’t feel safe doing so. And I know that it’s not necessarily uncommon for people to meet up with strangers online – but to make money off of this is extremely disgusting.

If this is the case, then I guess it’s up to the authorities to step in and make sure these websites are shut down. I hope it doesn’t take too long for them to do so…