Seeking Arrangements is a place that is known for men getting scammed. There are many, many cases of men being ripped off by the company. Seeking Arrangements is not a legitimate business at all. The “sugar babies” don’t have to date their “sugar daddies” they just need to send them money for what they want. One man was scammed for $14,000.

I’m writing this post because I think it’s important to let people know about the scam that Seeking Arrangements has pulled off on unsuspecting men and how they can protect themselves or loved ones from getting scammed.

Several men that have reported having this happen to them. These men all want the world to know so others can avoid being scammed by this company. I’ve also heard from many people who have personally been scammed by seeking arrangements so it’s important that people are aware of what they are doing because it’s wrong and they are not a legitimate business! Here’s the story of one man who was scammed by Seeking Arrangements.

He created an account on their website and listed his age as 28. He was contacted by a woman who said she was 24 years old and asked him to pay for her to go to school. When he asked her if she had a job, she said no but she owned 100% of her own business which generated about $800 per month in profits (this is clearly BS). He thought this was strange but said ok. She gave him some sob story about how hard it was growing up without money and wanting to make it on her own now that she’s an adult. They began messaging back and forth for a few weeks. After a while she told him she was finally accepting his offer for financial help.

She asked him to send her money via venmo so he did so because he didn’t have the money in his bank account yet. Later she informed him that she had received her tax return, got an apartment, enrolled in school and would need more money soon. Her request for more money came after only 5 days of messaging each other on the site. She wanted $600 to pay rent because apparently it’s hard living alone without any utility bills. He never mentioned that he had to pay rent of his own so he sent another $600 on venmo.

He didn’t hear from her again until about a month later when she told him she was on welfare because of being unable to find a job. A few days later, she asked him to send her the rest of the money so she could quit her job and go to school full time. He sent her more money but didn’t hear back from her again for a few weeks.

After waiting 3 weeks, he messaged her asking why she wasn’t replying or responding to him anymore, that’s when he started receiving messages from other women on the site saying they are looking for men to date. He realized he had been scammed and contacted Seeking Arrangements.

Seeking Arrangements told him his money was refunded to him in full and they would not help him in any way. He was shocked because why would a legitimate business scam a man out of $14,000 for a fake relationship? He has since reported the incident to the US postal inspector’s office, the FBI and many news outlets including CBS News Philadelphia.

I don’t think anyone should have to pay money for this type of service so I don’t want it out there so others can avoid being scammed! This is my only reason for writing this post.