Seeking Arrangements suspends people for no reason according to numerous complaints by previous users of the website. Not only has this website been all over the internet as being a scam and one you will want to stay away from, but they have been suspending the accounts of those that are looking or providing the sugar services. This is not only frustrating for those that hold the accounts, but the website is losing people because of this. As a result, many customers have been looking for other websites that are more reputable and provide better services overall. 

Seeking Arrangements Suspends People

So many have been banned from this website and for no real reason what so ever. Usually, it is because they have already used your information or perhaps you were inactive for a specific amount of time. Whatever the reason, people are finding that this is not actually a valid reason to be removed from the use of the website. 

When you are blocked from using the website, it means that your IP address and email are blacklisted from the website. You cannot use either to create a new account to get back in and you cannot turn your old banned account back on and start using it again, regardless of the reason you may have been given. 

Is Your Financial Information Safe? 

It is important to think about the financial information that a site has and whether or not this information is going to be safe in those hands. After all, they have kicked you off the website and now they are free to use your account however they would like. Whether they are creating a fake account with it or using the card on file.

Furthermore, you are not able to use the same card if you choose to go another route for paying for any sugar baby services. You just simply cannot erase your information. They do not let you back on the site to do anything with it. You can just hope they did that themselves.

This is thought of as one of the biggest scams out there because people have been given vague statements and reasons behind their suspension from the account, but without any real reason. This is becoming a problem for the website that has already been having troubles with the law. With those using the website, many are looking towards other options for finding this type of service, one that is not going to take their financial information and use it against them.

While Seeking Arrangements suspends people for no good reason, there are plenty of other websites providing sugar daddy and baby services to those that want them. Whether or not you are suspended from this website does not matter because these others provide services that are professional and reputable.

They do specific background checks on those that are using the service so that everyone is safe. Sudy App is a service that provides the same type of help but comes with a reputation that you would not be able to get from Seeking Arrangements.


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