Seeking Arrangements

Brandon Wade, the founder of Seeking Arrangements has addressed the community, both for the news and for the members of the website. However, he does very well hiding behind the curtains when considering what is happening with the website and the people who are regularly using it. Due to this, many people ask questions about him and want to learn more about what he can do in regard to making the website safer, easier to use and provide a product that someone can feel confident using. 

Who is Brandon Wade?

Learn more about the face and mastermind behind the website that seems to be in the news often and not for good reason. He owns an online dating company, InfoStream Group that provides regular dating for those seeking companionship. However, this is also a part of the Seeking Arrangements brand where people can request compensation. He is a graduate of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and was a former software engineer. This allowed him to develop useful sites that people would frequent. 

He has been criticized in the past for having websites that offer escort or prostitute services. However, the websites state that these services are strictly forbidden. It does not mean that it does not happen, especially when background checks are something that are not done. Protecting yourself against this intrusive behavior, or even the harassment of those that are using the website can be tough to do. Sometimes, those that are abiding the rules are suspended without any actual warning or for a very vague reason.

Brandon Rebranded 

With so much negative feedback and thoughts in the market about the original Seeking Arrangements website, Brandon had to rebrand the image, name and more to provide a sleeker appeal that is hidden behind a new name. While he did not go too far off the path, he still wanted to make the website seem newer and fresher without the negative feedback that is attached to the original name. Known now as just Seeking, it has changed the entire focus but still bears the weight that came from the last service.

When creating Seeking Arrangement, Brandon was hoping to change the name of the dating industry, especially those that use online dating, but it seems that he is just trying to fill his pockets with the online sugar daddy dating platform. With many things going wrong, he has done multiple interviews trying to defend his stance, as well as the stance of the website. He hopes that he is bridging the gap that once was in the world of dating and the role that money plays for those just seeking companionship.

Many think that this is just a hub that can easily be used for prostitution. While he assures that this is not tolerated and everything that is done while the couple is together is consensual and not paid for, it is also disturbing to know that he does not require anyone that wants to sign up do a background check or provide any of this personal information. Seeking Arrangement is a date at your own risk type of website.


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