Seeking Arragements

“Why can’t I find contact information for Seeking Arrangement?” A lot of people are asking this question after having a problem with the site, getting kicked off or noticing that they moved to The answer is – they don’t want you to. But, why?

Signing up for a sugar baby and sugar daddy website is something that many choose to do. They want to meet someone who can provide them with companionship, while women look to get compensation for this and use it towards their schooling or bettering their lives in some way. If they meet someone nice, they can regularly date them. There are no strings attached and no expectations that are put in place for either party. 

However, when you sign up for these websites, you expect the customer service to provide the right information that is needed. This information is going to help you get the most out of the website and your account. Seeking Arrangements was a website that provided these services to those that signed up for them and some even paid for premium services. When they had an issue though, they were not able to immediately solve it. They had to submit an email with a ticket and wait for a response. 

This took a long time and it caused many problems. It eventually ended up causing many people to turn to a new website, as there was no number that could be called and poor customer service that was not able to fully help.

Why is there no contact information for Seeking Arrangements?

Seeking Arrangements has since rebranded themselves as just Seeking. They do not have a phone number for you to call to contact because they do not want to speak directly to those that use the website. They do not want to hear about issues that a person is having with another or with the use of the website. This means that they must wait, slowly, for someone to respond to them through email. This can take some time.

The same is true for their new website. Those that are searching for a way to contact this company in a faster way are going to be upset because they do not have a dedicated phone line or customer service team that is able to answer all the questions that a user has. This is not a priority for them, especially since they do not do any extra steps to verify the people using the website or have any safeguards in place. They do have a FAQ section, but this might not be able to answer the questions you have or the complaints you need to make.

Contacting the company should not be hard but Seeking or Seeking Arrangements makes it the hardest that it can possibly be to speak with someone regarding any issues.

If you are looking for an arrangements website but you do not want to worry about having to sign up with a service that does not provide the right help you are looking for, there are many other websites to sign up with. They are reputable, knowledgeable and have actual phone numbers with real people on the other line for you to speak with to solve your issues and dilemmas.