Seeking Arrangements was a service that provided a way for sugar daddies and sugar babies to meet. This service was designed so that young attractive women could meet successful men who wanted to help pay for their lifestyles, school or other things. Of course, when the controversies started it was shown that Seeking Arrangements might not have been all that they stated they were.

Seeking Arrangements Were Offering a Different Type of Arrangement

Causing a lot of backlash because many felt that this was just a coverup for a prostitution website, they have had to hold their place and let everyone know that this is something they do not tolerate or accept on the platform. However, this did not stop users from offering their sex for a price, as well as other sexual favors. Without the proper vetting done by the company, many of the people that offered these services were not removed. In addition to this, some people forced others into having a sexual relationship, regardless if they wanted to or not because they were paying for the services.

This was all documented through various accounts in the news. With many women stating that the men they found were nice, but then upon meeting, wanted much more than they were willing to give and even went so far as to take it forcibly because after all, they felt they were on a prostitution website.

They Rebranded Instead of Shutting Down

Instead of closing their doors entirely because of the negative feedback out there, they just decided to rebrand their company. They wanted to show everyone that they had what it takes to provide the right services and not be in the light for negative things. They wanted to keep the service running, but that meant ditching the old name, redoing the rules and regulations and trying to get a tighter rope on the entire scene and website. Did this work for them?

It might not have worked as well as they would have liked. With numbers dropping on the website, many already feel the stigma attached to the company and their name. Due to this, many people have found that using other sugar daddy and baby websites are easier, provide more safety and they do not have to worry about selling anything when they start speaking with someone. The websites are better maintained overall because they truly care about the users that go on regularly.

It is important that those thinking about using websites really investigate them. Rebranding themselves with a new name, but still being the same company is common. For those thinking of using Seeking, they should know that they are still the same company as Seeking Arrangements. They just use a different name and website layout to trick those into thinking they have changed when maybe they haven’t at all. Staying safe should be a priority for those using these websites. Many of the others provide this safeguard while Seeking still does not.